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“I Told You Not To Do That”

Sometimes magic really freaks people out, in this video a woman warns magician Chris Ballinger not to do something she REALLY doesn’t like.  Check out the video to see how it plays out!


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Magician Darcy Oake Wows Britain’s Got Talent

Darcy Oake blew away the judges in one of the top talent shows in the world and now his performance is going viral on the net. The 26 year old performed the magic trick that is […]

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Dog of the Week - Mister Wizard (8)

[VIDEO] Dogs Give HILARIOUS Reaction When A Magician Makes Dog Treats Disappear

Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanishes dog treats right under their noses. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick :) Watch the […]


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What Have You Done For Us Lately, Bruce Springsteen?

We look at Bruce Springsteen’s career since reuniting with the earth quakin’, earth shakin’, heart stoppin’, house rockin’ E Street Band.



Weekend Movie Preview!

It’s movie time!  I see a couple of them this weekend that have sparked my interest.  One has been talked about and advertised like crazy and that is the new Will Smith movie “After Earth”. […]

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