TV’s Biggest Moneymakers

Do you watch the most lucrative shows on television?  Judging by Forbes’ list of the TV’s Biggest Moneymakers, I watch only 2 of the top 10.  Makes sense.  I’ve never been part of the mainstream!  Suprised?  […]


Mega Millions Connection To “Lost”

This may be a total coincidence.  But, it’s downright freaky, nonetheless!  Remember Hurley‘s lottery curse on the TV show “Lost?”  His “Mega Lotto” numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and the Mega number 42.  Last […]


Ask For Directions, Guys!

I’m a guy.  I can vouch for my gender’s stubbornness in asking for directions.  I can also vouch for my gender’s cheapness.  So, this should attack the issue:  the average man wastes $3000 in gas by […]


“Lost” Memorabilia Up For Sale This Weekend

There will be an auction of props and costumes this weekend from the ABC-TV show “Lost.”


Finale Fever!

There have been a LOT of series finales lately. Lost, 24 and Law And Order are ALL going off the air. Entertainment Weekly ranked the Top 10 television finales. See if YOU agree…


A “Lost” Synopsis

This Sunday marks the series finale of “Lost” on ABC-15.  SO many people are addicted to this show.  I, on the other hand, have never seen one episode!  I thought maybe it was time to catch up on […]


A Massive “Lost” Auction This Summer

Lost Attention “Lost” fans:  A massive auction will go down this summer . . . in which hundreds of props, costumes and set pieces from “Lost” will be sold to the highest bidder.