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This Man Lost 170 Pounds by Walking to Outer Space!How many flights of stairs would it take to reach outer space? Walter Beals found out by climbing the stairs at his job every day on his lunch break...
Feeling KOOL - Quit Smoking AND Lose Weight
The "Charlie Experience" v.29: YOU Are The EXPERT!
Feeling KOOL - Walk Your Dog
Feeling KOOL - Don't eat out of Boredom.
The "Charlie Experience" v.28: Pro-Cras-Tination
The "Charlie Experience" v.27: Don't Stop Now
The "Charlie Experience" v.26: I'm In Training
The "Charlie Experience" v.25: So Close I Can Taste It!
The "Charlie Experience" v.24: To Gluten or NOT to Gluten
The "Charlie Experience" v.23: Feeling Good Is Half The Battle!
The "Charlie Experience" v.22: "The Wall/The Kip"

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