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Tom & Maria's Listener Laugh

It’s ALWAYS A Competition With Tom And Maria

The KOOL Listener Laugh plays each morning with Tom and Maria .  These are  jokes that YOU call or e-mail in to the Morning Crew. This morning BOTH Tom and Maria got emails from KOOL […]


Tom & Maria’s “Listener Laugh” Of The Day

We love to start the day with a smile, and apparently, you do too!


Tom & Maria’s “Listener Laugh”

We like to start the day with a smile, so every morning at 5:15, a listener call us with a joke!


Thanksgiving Is Funny

This week, Tom and Maria asked for Thanksgiving jokes for the KOOL Listener Laugh. Some were good…some NOT so good. HEHEHE One was even an Easter joke. Missed the holiday by THAT much. What’s blue […]


Now THAT’S Funny

It’s Tom and Maria’s early morning Listener Laugh.  This is what you missed this morning at 5:20am…..