Halloween FREE-bies

Want some free stuff on Halloween??? – Here a list we came up with. ~Smasher and Maria   I-HOP: FREE Scary face pancakes for kids 12 and under KRISPY KREME: FREE doughnut on Halloween FREE […]

94.5 KOOL FM–10/30/2014

A child plays with LEGO building blocks

Space Jump…Lego Style

When Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier by skydiving from 24 miles up, he became an instant celebrity. I  doubt even he could have been prepared for THIS  honor: Seeing his epic tumble to Earth […]


Lego Montage you have to see

Do You Like Legos?

This is just fun to watch…. Enjoy it…


Fun With Legos

Remember when YOU had Legos as a kid? You built a wall…maybe some stairs. This guy made a working PRINTER from Legos and a felt tip pen. KOOL!!!


Girl Legos

Lego Launching A Toy Line For Girls?

This should be interesting, Now a set just for girls?