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Newt Gingrich Gets SUED

Newt Gingrich got his wrist slapped, but not by Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or Rick Santorum.  The Republican contender is being sued over his use of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Survivor[/lastfm]’s “Eye Of The Tiger!”  Hey Newt…even big, […]


Patti LaBelle files countersuit

The veteran R&B singer says she is filing a counter suit to allegations that she had her personal body guards attack and beat a West Point cadet! Richard King says [lastfm/]LaBelle’s[/lastfm] body guards  gave him […]


The Po-Po’s On Patrol

A cop is suing a cowboy, contruction worker, biker, military man and an Indian.  This is either a [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Village People[/lastfm] lawsuit, an amazing coincidence, or a really bad joke!  Take door #1, Monty.  Victor Willis wants […]


“Get Off The Tacos!”

What would YOU say or do if someone told you to “get off the tacos?”  It happened to 17 year-old Domonique Ramirez.  And, she was Miss San Antonio!!!  I say “was” because they took away […]


Sue The Pigskin Off The NFL!

While this year’s Super Bowl may have been the highest-rated, it was a debacle behind-the-scenes!  And, when I say “behind-the-scenes,” I mean JUST outside Cowboys Stadium.  That’s where 400 fans stood…locked out.  These 400 fans PAID […]


50th Anniversary Stones Tour

We (the public) weren’t supposed to know anything about this, but there are plans for a 50th anniversary tour from the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rolling Stones[/lastfm]!  Do you know how word got out?  A LAWSUIT! Amazing what you […]


Wanna Sue A 4 Year-Old? Go For It!

We do live in a litigous world.  People sue McDonald’s because their coffee is too hot.  They sue Budweiser for not getting them hot dates.  Now, a New York judge says it’s OK to sue…a FOUR YEAR-OLD!


$650,000 In Singles?

I haven’t set foot in a strip club since I was 21 years old.  I learned very early in life that  – much like Vegas – the house ALWAYS wins!  Had I known it was […]


Feelin’ Ducky?

It seems there’s been a lawsuit filed against Donald Duck!  There was allegedly an inappropriate grope.  I would expect this type of behavior from Daffy Duck.  But, Donald?  Daisy must be furious!  Although, Donald DOESN’T […]


You can SUE for bad directions?

If I knew it was acceptable to sue for bad directions, I’d be a rich man!  A LOST man…but rich ;-)  I guess suing the guy at the gas station wouldn’t be profitable.  SO, why […]