large Marge

Large Marge has left the building…almost!

Large Marge here.  I am packed and ready to go…moving off the Farm to bigger and better things.  Thank you for all the love and support… Just a couple things before I go.  Tom Peake…NO strawberry […]


$1000…”CUD” be yours…

Large Marge here.  YES – it’s my last day at 94.5 KOOL…but I haven’t been milked dry yet… I also haven’t answered fan mail in a LOOOONG time.  So, before I pack up my stuff […]


Don’t spin your VEALS…it’s the LAST DAY to win $1000.

Large Marge here.  Yes, it’s true.  It’s my last day employeed by 94.5 KOOL FM.  My last day to get milked of my mooola.  What am I going to do now? Well, I was actually given a nice […]


BEEFIN’ up your wallet!

Large Marge here.  It’s the LAST week to pick up $1000!  It’s the LAST week of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway!  After this week I will be standing in the unemploooooment line.  I am following up on job that […]


I’ve got an UDDER $1000 to give to YOOOOO.

Large Marge here.  Just got off the phone with my BFF Daisy.  She lives in San Fransisco.  GUESS WHAT!  She HERD that my favorite band will be playing the FILLMOOOOO this weekend.  I am road-trippin’ it […]


MOOOOLA, cash, dinero, cha-ching!

Large Marge here with a reminder…this is your LAST week to pick up your share of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  After Friday, I am out of here!  But I will leave you with some […]


LAST week to win $1000

Large Marge here.  My days are numbered at KOOL.  I have been given my pink slip!  I did get a couple of weeks of severance pay…but that’s hay feed.  Ain’t I lucky!  YOOOO could be lucky […]


moo $$$ moo $$$ moo $$$

Large Marge here.  I was informed by management last week that my services were no longer needed and  I was given my pink slip.  My last day is FRIDAY.  But you still have plenty of […]


tick tock tick tock

Time is running out to grab your share of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  Large Marge here.  I have been given my pink slip…my LAST day of work for KOOL is Friday.  But I am […]



Large Marge here!  This is the FINAL week of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  I actually feel kinda used!  I’ve been milked dry…NOW I’ll be out of a job.  I think I may run for some kind […]