kurt warner

Another DWTS rumor…

I don’t know who works in the Dancing With The Stars PR department at ABC, but they should get a raise!  EVERYWHERE I turn, there’s another rumor.  This past week alone, I’ve blogged about Kurt […]


Dancing With The Trainwrecks?

I recently blogged about former Cardinals superstar Kurt Warner joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars next season.  Now, I’m not so sure!  Another rumor has Troy Aikman on the show.  I doubt they’d have […]


Kurt “Twinkletoes” Warner?

Did you hear the latest rumor about former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner? Looks like he’ll be the next reality TV star! Does the headline of this blog give away which one? Click more…see if […]



The play clock is barely run out on Super Bowl XLIV, and now the Vegas sports consultants (read: bookies) have set the odds for Super Bowl XLV. Wanna know where the Cards show up on […]