kurt warner

Cardinals Go To Super Bowl!

OK, so the title of this blog is a bit misleading.  With a record of 5-11, our Cardinals didn’t make it to the playoffs this season, much less the “big game.”  BUT, it wasn’t all […]


We Lost Kurt…AGAIN!

It was tough enough when he retired from the Cardinals.  Now, we’ve lost Kurt Warner twice!  He was booted off Dancing With The Stars last night :-(  Though, I gotta say…he lasted longer than I […]


Will Kurt Warner Get Sacked?

Things were going SO well for Kurt Warner on Dancing With The Stars!  Just last week, judges said he had the “spirit of Gene Kelly!”  Yet, THIS week, they used the term “awkward.”  Voting has already closed […]


Spirit Of Gene Kelly?

Kurt Warner has redeemed himself on Dancing With The Stars.  In fact, he went from near the bottom of the rung last week to the top of the heap last night, scoring 24 out of […]


Cards Win! Did Kurt Warner?

Not only was it Max Hall‘s first week as starting QB for the Cardinals, it was Kurt Warner‘s first week as TV sports analyst for Fox!  The Cards BEAT the Super Bowl winning Saints 30-20.  But, how did […]


Kurt Warner In A Tiara?

Oh yes.  If you thought Kurt Warner rocked the football helmet, wait until you see him in a tiara!  Before you pass judgement, he’s having a tea party with his daughters at the time.  Aww…SO CUTE!


Kurt Warner’s SECRET Identity

You knew him as a famed quarterback.  You now know him as a reality show contestant.  But, do you know about Kurt Warner‘s OTHER identity?  He’s been FEEDING you for years!


PROOF: Kurt Warner Has Danced On TV

According to the Arizona Republic, Kurt Warner‘s former Cardinals teammates have NO memories of Kurt dancing (aside from his moves on the field, of course).  I have video proof that he DID attempt to bust a […]


Everybody…FIESTA With Kurt Warner!

Let me get this straight.  Kurt Warner retires from the Cardinals, and now we see him even more often?  Yes!  How does that work?  Dancing With The Stars was the first step.  That premieres September 20th.  […]


We Want Warner!

Kurt Warner‘s coming to YOUR living room!  And, he’ll be wearing tights…maybe.  (Settle, ladies.)  I blogged about it here weeks ago.  Now, it’s reality.  Former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner has joined the cast of Dancing […]