KOOL top 5 at 5

A Song With The Greatest Hook Of All Time

It started off as a joke, but [lastfm]Mac Davis[/lastfm] laughed all the way to the bank. 


England Dan And John Ford Coley Were Both From Texas

They had both started off in a group called [lastfm]Southwest FOB[/lastfm] who had a minor hit with ‘Smell Of Incense’.  After the hits stopped with John, [lastfm]Dan Seals[/lastfm] went on to become a successful country […]


What Lou Rawls song is in Monday’s top 5?

Three guesses you’ll never find it….oops – that was a dead giveaway.


What is Henry Mancini doing on the blog?

KOOL Top 5 @ 5 Backstory – 6/28/10 There’s a very good reason.