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Feeling KOOL – Morning Walks

The early bird gets the slim body! Here are three reasons to rise and shine and  sweat. 1.  You’ll feel invigorated.  An AM stroll gives you a natural energy boost.  One study found that morning […]

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Feeling KOOL – You’re Showering Wrong

I found this in my Good Housekeeping magazine.  Interesting stuff. I know you’ve heard this before…you shouldn’t wash your hair every day.  WHY?  Because your scalp overcompensates by producing too much oil, and your hair […]

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Feeling KOOL – Facial Hair is Healthy

It’s “Movember!”   The month when the guys in our lives are supposed to grow mustaches to raise awareness for cancer. DID YOU KNOW that just HAVING a mustache or a beard comes with a […]

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Shampoo Suds

Feeling KOOL – Bad Hair Day

This happens to me.  What about you?  Your hair feels different when you wash it in a new location. Different places have different  minerals in the water that change the look and feel of your […]

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Feelin KOOL – No Carbs

Cool off without a beer.   Don’t eat carbohydrates for at least an hour after exercise.   This will force your body to break down body fat, rather than using the food you ingest. Stick […]

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Feeling KOOL – Drink THIS to help with your Depression

If you LOVE your coffee – lets say you drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day – you are 10% less likely to be depressed. The “good” in coffee isn’t JUST the caffeine […]

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Feeling KOOL – SALT

Shake your salt habit! Did you know that you can train your taste buds to enjoy less salt? When you gradually cut back on sodium in your diet, your palate will adjust too; plus you’ll […]

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Feeling KOOL – Breakfast Cereal

My daughter LOVES breakfast cereal.  If I would let her, she would eat it for all three meals a day. Parents are tasked with finding a healthy cereal for their kids that they will actually […]


Now Wash Your Hands

Feeling KOOL – Secrets from people who NEVER get sick

We’re getting into cold and flu season, so here’s a list from Health.com of the four ‘secrets’ of people who never get sick.  Although they’re not really ‘secrets’ just common sense.   1.  Get as […]

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Feeling KOOL – THREE Ways to Fight the Flu

It’s flu season – or at least its getting there.  And no one likes to be sick!   So what  can you do to stay healthy this year.   1. Take the time to get your […]

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