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Feeling KOOL – Starting a Wellness Program…

It’s never too late…   It’s never too late to begin your journey in wellness! Here are 10 steps you can take today to get started. 1. Write out your goals and desires. What’s your […]

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Feeling KOOL – Eat Candy!

Is it actually GOOD  for you to eat candy?   Dentists in Boston say you can enjoy candy you love while keeping your teeth healthy.  Dr. Peter Arsenault with Tufts University School of Dental Medicine […]

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Feeling KOOL – Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that help protect you  from chronic diseases, including stroke and certain cancers. Add more fruits and vegetables into your diet.   *  make half your plate […]

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Feeling KOOL – Pistachios

Eating pistachios could help prevent type 2 diabetes.    Researchers in Spain studied people with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels.  Such people have what doctors call pre-diabetes.  Those who ate about two ounces of pistachios a […]

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Feeling KOOL – Keep your body YOUNG

WHO KNEW it was this easy! If you do THIS your body will stay young. JUMPING!  Just jumping can decrease your risk of osteoporosis and fractures later in life.   According to a new study, all […]

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Feeling KOOL – Going Organic

Going organic IS healthier.   Buying produce grown free of pesticides makes logical sense.  But research has not clearly shown the nutritional benefits….until now. A large scale study published in the British Journal Of Nutrition […]

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Feeling KOOL – Walk Your Dog

A new study from the University of Liverpool suggests the people need some “dog owner education”  and MORE pet facilities and this will help motivate people to get out and exercise more.  It is estimated […]

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Feeling KOOL – Medical Marijuana

Researchers believe that medical marijuana is becoming a lifesaver.  The new study shows that states which have legalized pot are seeing an average of two-thousand fewer deaths a year from prescription drugs.  Researchers from the […]

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Grand Canyon N.P. Gets Stimulus Dollars To Re-Build Trails

Feeling KOOL – Hiking for FREE

You’ve heard USE it or LOSE it! Keep your body moving….that could be parking AWAY from whatever store you’re going to JUST to get a little more exercise walking to to the door. Another idea?  […]

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Feeling KOOL – Botox

A new study shows that Botox may not only fight wrinkles, but stomach cancer as well.  Scientists tested the drug on mice and were able reduce the number of tumors in their stomach.  Botox also […]

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