KOOL artist of the week

The ‘honesty’ of Billy Joel

KOOL Artist of the Week Backstory – 8/13/10 Billy Joel plays Daniel  Webster – again – defining what an “artist” is.


How laid back was the atmosphere at Motown?

KOOL Artist of the Week – 8/5/10 (how ’bout this shot of Diana in the dj booth at Studio 54 – classic!  note: that is a Motown album sitting in front of the dj mic […]


This is only a test.

Tom and Maria are giving you an opening line from a song from our Artist of  the Week, The Eagles…you guess the title.     1.   On a dark desert highway,  cool wind in my hair… 2.   There’s talk […]


Bee Gees: Family harmony that rivaled the Everlys

One of the less played tracks of [lastfm]The Bee Gees[/lastfm] may be the one to show of a unique aspect of the group according to the late [lastfm]Maurice Gibb[/lastfm].


“The Greatest Talent in the History of the Universe…

…Mr. Elton John.“ Who didn’t LOVE The Muppets! Check out Elton John on The Muppet Show back in 1977.  It was Episode 214 where Sam the Eagle is appalled by Elton John and says he […]


One of Elton’s biggest hits – is one of his least favorites

KOOL Artist of the Week Backstory – 7/7/10 Makes you wonder what some of his own favorites are.


What’s Your Favorite Elton John Song?

Elton John Tom says… “That’s a hard one because he was a huge part of his “high school soundtrack,” but, he’s torn between “Tiny Dancer” & “Your Song.”  Maria says… I’m copying Tom & picking “Tiny Dancer.” 


Elton John and Bernie Taupin have different memories of ‘Your Song’

They wrote it – but can’t get their stories straight.


You think it’s easy for Rod Stewart to write love songs?

KOOL artist of the week backstory – 6/17/10 A somewhat surprising answer 


Rod Stewart on the REAL Maggie May

KOOL Artist of the week Backstory – 6/15/10 There’s a story here…