KOOL artist of the week

Kids, It’s Time For… (cue theme music)

What’s your favorite song from this week’s “KOOL Artist of the Week?”  You know that my picks are always the best, and that all the other jocks pick lame songs.


KOOL Artist of the Week Wars Continue!

I saw Jeffrey T.’s post about his favorite Huey song, so I had to chime in (or it wouldn’t be a war)  “Back in Time” is good, but…


Favorite Fleetwood Mac Song?

Fleetwood Mac What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac Song?


What Were The Recording Sessions For Satisfaction Like?

For one thing, the song was recorded over a period of time at different studios.  but master storyteller [lastfm]Mick Jagger[/lastfm] takes off from there and leavees the factual account in the dust. 


Rolling Stones Movie…Tonight!

The 1972 film of the Stones Exile on Main Street tour is in select theaters tonight in the Valley!


Elton John Loves The Rolling Stones Over The Beatles

The Rolling Stones are still his favorite group of all time.  And if Elton could be anybody in the world other than himself, who would he like to be?  And why The Stones over The […]


A Rolling Stone Song You Can’t Buy

Not in the United States anyway. Not from itunes, not on Napster, not on Amazon.   And it’s not on any Stones CD.


Which KOOL DJ Has The Best Favorite Lionel Richie Song?

Each week, KOOL 94.5 puts an artist in the spotlight, and then the DJ’s post lots of fun things about them.  What has developed is a rivalry between the KOOL DJ’s as to whose favorite song from […]


Nicole’s dad Lionel is our KOOL Artist of the Week!

Lionel Richie Here’s everything “Lionel” you would ever want to know…CLICK HERE.


Elvis Presley’s 5 best movie songs

Not all of Elvis Presley’s movie soundtrack songs were bad.  Certainly the pre-Army stuff was the best, but  there were some gems  even into the 60’s. Here are my five choices – neither Can’t Help […]