Kirstie Alley

Hey, At Least She Didn’t Fall!

The world watched Kirstie Alley take a tumble last week on Dancing With The Stars.  Oh, there were jokes.  But, I kept my mouth shut…since I couldn’t dance any better if you paid me!  I […]


Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the stars last night! HInes Ward and Petra Nemcova tied for the highest score of the night with 25 points. Wendy Williams has the low sccore of the night with a 15-point foxtrot. […]


Sugar Ray vs. Karate Kid: Who Wins In A Fight?

The new cast of Dancing With The Stars has been announced, including Ralph Macchio and Sugar Ray Leonard.  I was kidding yesterday when I asked on-air which of the two would win in a fight.  But, […]


Another DWTS rumor…

I don’t know who works in the Dancing With The Stars PR department at ABC, but they should get a raise!  EVERYWHERE I turn, there’s another rumor.  This past week alone, I’ve blogged about Kurt […]