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A Crying Kid Doesn’t Want A Cookie! He Want’s Beef Broth!!!!!!

I’ll take the cookie if he doesn’t want it.  Just sayin’.

94.5 KOOL FM–06/03/2015


Geesh Tom. Would You Stop It With The Granddaughter Pics

Sorry, but my daughter sent me pictures of she and my granddaughter side by side, and I gotta say… my granddaughter sure looks a lot like her mom at the same age.


Evelyn Halloween outfit

New Granddaughter Pics

Here she is in her Halloween outfit (my daughter made her cap) and a few other pics.


Kid Won’t Get Out Of Bed. Dad Has A Way To Get Him Up

It’s important for parents to repeatedly remind their kids just who’s the boss of the house. If they don’t, then the kids will get away with doing whatever they want to do; like playing ball […]


The Most Common First Childhood Memory is . . . a Horrible Trip to the Dentist

Think hard . . . what’s your very first childhood memory?  If you’re like one-third of people, your first memory is having a stranger brutally torture you for your own good . . . and […]