Ken Whisenhunt

A Plea To The Cards

  Dear Coach Whisenhut and the Arizona Cardinals, Please win all your games next season.  A new report shows domestic violence rises 10% when you lose.  Thank you! Sincerely, Jeffrey T.


New QB Not Up To Larry

If you’re looking for work,  there’s happens to be a position open with the Arizona Cardinals.  Wanna be quarterback?  Great!  Just know that buttering up Larry Fitzgerald will do you NO good.


John Skelton – B.M.O.C.

It could be the lack of  quarterbacks, or maybe he’s “just that good.”  Either way, Coach Whisenhunt has decided to go with John Skelton as the Cardinals starting QB until further notice.  Hey, we DID […]


At Least We Haven’t Lost 45-3

Say what you will about our Arizona Cardinals.  Sure, we’ve lost 7 games in-a-row.  Can you say “rebuilding season?”  But, we haven’t been beaten 45-3 this year!  Did you see the Patriots/Jets game last night?  […]


Cardinals President Chimes In

As I write this blog, my Whisenhunt Poll shows 87% of KOOL listeners want the Cardinals Coach to stay the course.  Only 13% think he’s part of the problem.  After FIVE losses in a row, we […]


Should Whisenhunt Whiz Out Of Town?

Ken Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to their first ever Super Bowl.  But, the team has now lost FIVE games in a row.  Kurt Warner retired.  Matt Leinart bailed.  Neither Derek Anderson or Max Hall are […]