Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten. photo: John P. Johnson

This Week’s “True Blood”: Sookie “Against” John Mellencamp?

Sookie, the main character from HBO’s True Blood, has plenty of problems on her hands these days. One of her vampire ex-boyfriends is a religious evangelist who now sees humans as little more than food. Another ex- is on the run from the first ex-. A werewolf who she was about to hop into bed with now finds her repulsive (and not only because she threw up on him in the heat of the moment). But on this week’s episode, she may have added to her problems by insulting a heartland rocker so ornery he named himself “Little Bastard.”


Musical Blasphemy!

Are you familiar with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ke$ha[/lastfm]?  She’s one of the top selling artists oif 2010.  Her first single, “TiK ToK” mentioned [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Mick Jagger[/lastfm] in the lyrics.  Now, there’s a video floating around the internet […]


American Blasphemy

I’ve never been a fan of American Idol.  In my eyes (and more importantly – ears), it’s just a big karaoke event.  And, I simply don’t like karaoke!  Some say it’s more fun when you’re […]