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Feeling KOOL – Junk Food makes you Lazy

A researcher at UCLA in California says junk food could be making people lazy.    Biologist Aaron Blaisdell bases the findings on his study which fed two groups of rats two different diets.  The rats […]

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Ritz Crackers Are America’s Favorite Snack . . . Here Are the Top 10

According to a new survey, America’s favorite snack food is . . . Ritz crackers.  Lay’s potato chips finished second, followed by Doritos.  Fritos pulled ahead of Orville Redenbacher popcorn to take fourth place, then […]


Awesome Fast Food Items…Not Sold In America!!!

America has introduced so many things that have changed the way humans lead their lives all around the world. For example, the world has us to thank for fast food. (And, to the rest of […]


What Wines Should You Pair With Potato Chips, Donuts and Spaghetti-Os?

Look, anyone can pair wine with fine foods at nice dinners.  That doesn’t take any skill. You know what DOES take skill?  Figuring out which wine to pair with your favorite JUNK FOODS . . […]


Texas third grader’s terrible time

A Texas third grader was given a week’s detention for eating a Jolly Rancher candy she had brought from home.  School officials of the Brazos Independent School district say they were just obeying a state […]