The Month You’re Born in Makes a Huge Impact on Your Future Career

This sounds like some mix of astrology, superstition, and an old wives’ tale . . . but apparently there’s actual data to back it up. A new study out of England found that the MONTH […]


The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired

People do annoying things all the time at work, and it usually doesn’t get them fired.  But you definitely want to avoid doing the things on this list. 


The Most Stressful Job for Women is . . . Stay-At-Home Mom

This one’s for all the women dreaming about the day you can drop out of the rat race and just stay at home raising kids.  About three months in, you’re going to WISH you still […]


Surprise: Justin Bieber Tops a List of the Richest Teens in Hollywood

Here’s something that will really rock your boat:  JUSTIN BIEBER has topped a new list of the Richest Teenagers in Hollywood.  Didn’t see that one coming, right? Justin reportedly made $53 MILLION in the year […]


$31,000 Per Hour Pizza Job?

They may not guarantee delivery in 30 minutes or less anymore, but Domino’s Pizza IS guaranteeing a payrate of $31K/hour.  NO JOKE!  Though, you may have to relocate.


Looking for a job….?

This one may NOT be for you…unless you’re on the verge of bankrupcy or the mob’s going to break your legs… The job description says you must have a “track record of being proactive in […]


What job fits YOUR personality?

Click HERE to take the “The Best Job For Your Personality Type” Quiz. My husband and I BOTH took the quiz.  It was suprisingly accurate.