Jan Brewer

What Were They REALLY Saying?

People have been speculating about the dialogue between President Barack Obama and Governor Jan Brewer at Mesa Gateway Airport.  The 94.5 KOOL-FM “crack” news team has the actual transcript – complete and unedited.


Election Day Results

Look at this pic.  Either Governor Jan Brewer is excited about being elected for another term, or she’s just listening to the Valley’s Greatest Hits on 94.5 KOOL-FM!  (I choose to believe the latter.  Doesn’t […]


Dancin’ the “Brewer?”

I found this picture at AZCentral.com.  Anyone want to take a stab at what dance Governor Jan Brewer was doing last night during the primaries?  I don’t think it’s the Macarena.


Where have all the candidates gone?

“Long time passing…” Last Friday, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin dropped out of the Governors race.  Yesterday, it was Buz Mills.  Without getting into politics, I’d like to share why this bums me out greatly.  You’ll […]