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Super Hero Soccer

Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Space Ghost, Mario, Gandolf, Magneto, Ryu, characters from Assassin’s Creed, Jedi, and even Neo go all out in this battle soccer video that will have every fanboy squealing with glee!


The Marvel Experience - Phoenix AZ-080

The Marvel Experience

7 Domes appeared on the east side of town.  From the sky you might think it was something out of a Marvel movie, and you wouldn’t be far off with that guess! The Marvel Experience […]


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Three ‘Iron Man’ Covers In Honor of ‘Iron Man 3’

Today’s the day that Marvel fans have been waiting for (at least since the release of last year’s The Avengers) – Iron Man 3 is now in theaters.  The main cast members are back  – Robert Downey Jr. […]


Marvel’s Thor Premiere Cast Interviews

Thor Movie Premiere Photosview gallery The Summer movie season officially kicks off this Friday with THOR, the latest super hero blockbuster based on the Marvel Comics hero!  Thor was awesome (check out our review here!), and […]


Iron Man Exo-Skeleton FOR REAL!

Within five years, soldiers in war zones will be wearing Iron Man-style power suits that will make them vastly stronger.


Iron Man 2 Is Out Today!

Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow are back as Tony Stark and his sexy assistant Pepper.  In this one, the government tries to pressure Stark into turning over his Iron Man technology . . . […]