You Really Should Turn Off Your Phone When Flying . . . Even One Can Make a Plane Crash

We’re all usually pretty good about turning off our electronics and phones when planes take off and land . . . even though none of us really believe that someone using an iPod is going […]


Trick Out Your iPad

So you got that “MUST” have item over the holidays…NOW you need to accessorize. 


Radio.com App – Listen Live Everywhere

Stream 94.5 KOOL FM On Your iPhone Or iPad Paying for individual songs and worrying about how much memory you have left on your mobile device are now problems of the past. Starting today, you […]


I-Pad, You-Pad, Verizon-Pad?

Much like my Wal-Mart/Target theory, I think the entire world falls into just two OTHER categories: Droid or iPhone.  I am in the Droid group.  That’s mainly because I’ve been a Verizon customer for many […]


Finally, Someone Has Come Up With An App For That!

Somebody’s come up with a solution to the problem of not being able to print from the iPad…


Another reason to get an iPad!

Will it blend?  Find out!


KOOL FM And Radio.com Launch iPad App!

Now available in the Apple App Store, the Radio.com iPad® app. As you may have figured out by 94.5 KOOL FM new website address, we’re affiliated with Radio.com. Well, our friends at Radio.com have made […]


Are you i-Padding up?

It’s a BIG weekend for techies – and non-techies alike, as the long-awaited release of Apple’s new iPad is tomorrow (4/3)! And, YES…you can hear KOOL-FM on it! How Kool is that?  The new iPad has a slew of […]