There’s a New “Husband Motivator” App That Helps Wives Get Husbands to Do Chores

Ladies, do you want your husband to do more around the house?  Now there’s an app for that. The Husband Motivator uses artificial intelligence to figure out the best way to get a husband to […]


i-Phone Comes To Verizon

I’m a longtime Verizon Wireless customer.  (Though, I am NOT getting paid for this endorsement!)  I guess the reason I own a Droid is because the i-Phone wasn’t available to me.  Now, it IS.  Verizon made […]


Check Them At The Door

Just like “The Old West” when rowdy cowboys were required to “Check their guns at the door,” today’s new communications technology (Cell Phones, I-Phones, Blackberries, Blueberries & Droids) requires action at home!