And Now, Four Ridiculous Things They Offer at Luxury Hotels

The whole point of staying at a luxury hotel is to be pampered.  But according to an article in “USA Today”, the amenities they offer are getting more and more ridiculous. For example, the Ritz-Carlton […]


Thank you for flying... I mean staying with us

Everybody Say Hotel, Motel, Airplane?

Can you imagine? This is some hotel…


Technology is Taking Away Your Ability To Steal Towels and Sheets From Hotels

Yeah, this is poetic justice . . . but I still don’t like it.  Modern technology is quickly stealing your ability to steal hotel towels . . . which is supposed to be a God-given […]


Video: Summer Splash 2010 P.S.A.

Are you ready for Summer Splash 2010 at the Wigwam Resort? Steve Goddard is! Listen as he gives you all the last minute info for Summer Splash 2010.