One Out of Nine Doctors Lied to Patients Last Year

According to a pretty disturbing new study, 11% of doctors . . . that’s one in nine . . . say they lied to a patient last year.  The most common lie is telling a […]


The road to recovery

It’s been a rough week but I’m on the mend! Since my trip to Flagstaff last Wednesday, EVERY THINGS A BLUR!


Two And A Half Hernias

  Following up on yesterday’s blog about Charlie Sheen, it looks like he’s gonna be OK.  (That is, IF he calms down with the booze, drugs and hookers.)  His abdominal pains were caused by a hiatal […]


Charlie Sheen Hauled Away

Yes, there WERE flashing lights and sirens at Charlie Sheen‘s house this morning.  But, this time, they WEREN’T police cars!  Charlie was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in an ambulance.  According to a source at the hospital, […]


Take a Tour of Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Tom and Maria interview Rhonda Anderson, CEO of Cardon Children’s Hospital. She tells us the unique children’s medical center attributes and why it is so special. Rhonda Anderson, CEO of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, took […]