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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 7-16-2013

Which celebrity buys almost ALL his clothes at thrift store? Is Chris Brown going to prison? Guess which TV show is coming back?

94.5 KOOL FM–07/16/2013

Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider

An American Idol POP QUIZ. Tiger Woods wants his EX back!  What he says he would do to get her back! Which celebrity has been tapped to play Vince Lombardi is a movie?

94.5 KOOL FM–01/18/2013

Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider

Katy Holmes and Tom Cruise had a quick divorce…but they are NOT speaking to each other, even when they exchange Suri. Mike has EMMY news too!


Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider

Mike Evans reviews the History Channel’s The Hatfields and the McCoys.  And he has some information on how John Travolta’s marriage is holding up after the most recent allegations.


Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider

Mike Evans has MORE info on John Travolta. Who did John offer $12,000 to for….. Who do YOU think is going to host the MTV Music Awards/ AND, a review of a movie shot entirely […]