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Volunteer For Holidays!

Places to Volunteer for the Holiday Season! PHOENIX RESCUE MISSION: Want to spread some holiday cheer? Well, the perfect way is to lend a helping hand this holiday season by getting out there and volunteering! […]



Hear Paul McCartney’s New Christmas Song

It’s difficult to match the uniqueness of Paul McCartney’s 1979 holiday original, “Wonderful Christmastime,” so jolly old saint Macca isn’t even trying.


Thousands of participants perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller" zombie dance in Los Angeles. (AFP PHOTO/Robyn Beck/Getty)

10 Classic Songs For Halloween

We’ve come up with ten spooky-ish songs that are classic yet not total novelty tracks.


Christmas Tree Recycling

It’s all behind us now.  We can finally relax and settle down.  Just one more thing to do… get rid of the tree!


Santa Needs to Visit 526 Million Kids on Christmas Eve . . . Here’s the Math Behind How He Can Pull it Off

[sponsored] You know what would make Christmas and Santa and presents more fun?  MATH. “The Atlantic” magazine decided to run the numbers on Santa’s Christmas Eve journey, to estimate what he’ll have to do to […]


How Well Do You Know Your Reindeer & Christmas Tree?

[sponsored] Here’s a quiz to find out!  We call it “KOOL”, or “Not KOOL” which is basically, true or false.  Are you ready?  Here’s the quiz… #1.)  Reindeer are the only animals that can see […]


Men Think Christmas Would Be Better If They Were In Charge . . . Featuring Less Stress, No In-Laws, and Steak for Dinner

[sponsored] Women are in charge of Christmas.  That’s a fact.  A survey last week found that 0% of couples say the man takes the lead for the holidays.  But deep down, men secretly think they […]


A KOOL Christmas Quiz!

[sponsored] If you like the holidays, take the quiz and see how you do! 1. What is the longest-running Christmas special on U.S. network television: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, or How […]


Holiday Tipping Guide…

[sponsored] For many people, a holiday tip is a good way to show folks we appreciate how much they do for us during the year. But, how much should you tip?


38% of People are Already Done With Their Christmas Shopping!

I really miss the days when everyone was as lazy as me.  Because somehow the mix of Black Friday media hype and Christmas starting in October has turned everyone else into proactive overachievers. According to […]