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Faith In Humanity

When you start feeling like the world is going to hell in a hand basket…think again.  


I Ran Out Of Gas….

  Tom’s daughter called him over the weekend because she needed a ride to work.  She had run out of gas in her car…ran out of gas at her apartment complex while driving to the […]


The Top Four Habits That Irritate Your Boss

Most workers THINK they’re great employees.  But you might be annoying your boss on a daily basis without even realizing it.  Here’s a list from of the top four habits that irritate your boss.  […]


Cardon Children’s Medical Center Charity Raffle

Cardon Children’s Medical Center is launching a major fundraising initiative campaign: the Cardon Children’s Medical Center Raffle.


Volunteer with KOOL FM

David Kimberly from Sanderson Ford & Billy Bailey from Stop Hunger Now sit down with Tom & Maria to discuss the huge volunteer event going down this Saturday at Sanderson Food in Glendale. On Saturday, […]


Volunteer with KOOL to feed 50,000 People

Thank you to all the listeners who wrote to us and asked to picked to work side by side with the 945 KOOL FM on air staff this Saturday, August 28 from 8am to 12pm […]


Here’s A Montage Of Infomercial Failures Set To The Beatles Song “Help”

Someone edited together those scenes from infomercials where people struggle to complete a task without the silly product that’s being advertised.  And it’s set to the Beatles song “Help”.  This is good!