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KOOL @ The Monsterland Thriller Bash!

You wont want to miss out on the awesome festivities going on out at Monsterland Bar and Grill in Mesa tonight! If you’re looking for a great place to hear music, participate in a costume […]



Remember This Album?

In 1964 the Disneyland haunted mansion, in the newly completed New Orleans Square, was sitting empty, unoccupied by any of the 999 ghosts. Problems with the story line, and the distraction of designing Walt Disney’s […]


Monsterland-KOOL FM (12)

Monsterland Haunted House

Halloween is for the young AND the young at heart.  That is what Monster-land is all about!!! Halloween night, the wee-goblins can tour The Haunt (with the lights on) starting at 5pm.  Then the lights […]


Top 13 Halloween Songs & Videos

I originally posted these videos a couple weeks ago.  You gave a LOT of feedback!  Some agreed with my choices.  Some…not so much.  But, it definitely stirred up some conversation.  So, here again, are my […]


Where’s The Valley’s BEST Haunted House?

That was the question this morning with “Tom & Maria’s Best of Phoenix.” 


Haunted Houses In The Valley

Did you see my pumpkin blog yesterday?  Halloween is just 10 days away!  Wanna get the bejesus scared out of you?  Check out all the haunted houses across the Valley.  There’s bound to be one […]