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Nerdist Presents: Weird Al’s #8videos8days Challenge

‘Weird Al’ Yankovich left his twitter followers on the edge of their seats when announced via twitter that he plans to release eight videos from his new album Mandatory Fun over a period of 8 […]


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Random Things that Make you HAPPY

Science says there’s some agreement on behaviors and circumstances that can make you happy…random list…what do YOU think?   1. Make whoopie. 2. Go shopping. 3. Play with puppies. 4. Get a good night’s sleep. […]

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The Age When You’re Most Content With Your Life is . . . 38

Depending on your age, this is either going to make you really optimistic that the best is yet to come . . . or really depressed that it’s all downhill from here.   According to a […]


Here’s A Heartwarming Video That Might Just Make You Puddle Up!

A little girl gets cleft lip surgery in this heartwarming video. You see her before and after, and her reaction to her new smile is priceless.


Another Way Marriage Saves Your Life

Married People are 250% More Likely to Live a Long Life After Heart Surgery! There have been dozens of studies that have shown the health benefits of marriage.  Longer life . . . less stress […]


A New Study Proves that Radio Makes People Happier Than TV or the Internet

We’ve been sayin’ it for years! Now, here’s proof. According to a scientific study, listening to the radio makes people happier than watching TV or surfing the Internet. YOU’RE WELCOME. In the study, people felt […]