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Feeling KOOL – Hand Sanitizer

It’s cold and flu season.  Should you use hand sanitizer?  The answer is YES – BUT…. Yes, use hand sanitizer but avoid harsh chemicals and make your own.     Here’s the recipe… 1/2 cup pure aloe […]

94.5 KOOL FM–11/27/2013

“I’m Not Drunk. I’m A Germaphobe!”

We sure love our hand sanitzer, don’t we?  Everywhere I go, there’s a bottle.  I think some people are actually addicted to it!  Did you know using too much hand sanitizer can actually cause you to […]


To Sanitize Or NOT To Sanitize?

See the shocked look on my face?  I was JUST about to use that hand sanitzer when I read that it doesn’t really prevent colds or the flu!  Why didn’t I get those flu shots […]