halloween candy

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While You Were Sleeping…

Now that you’ve taking the tots out for Trick or Treating, it’s time now to see how cruel parents can be as they follow Jimmy Kimmel’s advice and record them reacting to being told that […]


Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Halloween Candy And It’s Trade Value

Ah, Halloween. We all remember post-trick-or-treating and rifling through our stash. The candy would end up in two piles: good and bad. Good might be bartered for “better” if gullible siblings or friends fell for […]


CANDY OVERLOAD: What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween is heavenly for chocoholics and anyone with a sweet tooth. But what do you do when you have WAY more leftover candy than you expected?


Here are the Five Most Unhealthy Halloween Candies

We see these lists every year, but if you’re picking out your Halloween candy this week, “Reader’s Digest” has a list of the unhealthiest Halloween candies you can buy. Obviously, ALL candy is bad for […]


Sell Your Halloween Candy…For A Cause

  A bunch of dentists in the Valley area are taking part in a nationwide effort to buy kids’ Halloween candy and send it to troops overseas. It’s called the “Great Candy Buy Back.”


Halloween Candy Hierarchy

In MY house we buy the “chocolate variety” bag of candy for Halloween.  The bigger the bag the better because WE WANT LEFTOVERS!  Having said that,  what is the FIRST candy bar to go…and what […]


The Unhealthiest Halloween Candy

While I would never recommend pulling candy from your kids’ trick-or-treat bags (much like pulling a bone from a dog), parents SHOULD know which ones to “filter out” if possible.  We all know candy is bad […]


Candy Smack Down

The October Madness candy bracket pits 64 of the best Halloween candies against each other in the ultimate sweet showdown. Get your brackets and vote….