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KOOL at T-Mobile Today

Thank you for joining Maria Knight and The KOOL Kids on the Block today at T-Mobile in Chandler. Where you can take your unlocked AT&T smartphone and sign up for Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data with […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/12/2013

CoxCommunications (6)

“KOOL” Times at Cox Communications

It was a “KOOL” day at Cox Communications on 6005 E. Southern Ave. in Mesa. Corina and the KOOL Kids on the Block  had a blast! We handed out some “KOOL” swag and gave away pairs of […]


Women Ranked the Four Biggest Male Body Turn-Offs at the Beach

Summer vacation is coming and you guys, if you want to impress the ladies, here are four things that you want to avoid showing off at the beach.


Rock & Roll Time Machine: Today In 1968, HAIR Opens On Broadway

Travel back to a time of freedom, flowers, and long hair: to the Age of Aquarius. The country was experiencing civil unrest while expressing outrage at the Vietnam War. The youth grew out their hair […]


Troy Polamalu’s Hair Now Has An iPhone App

Apparently, Troy Polamalu has a lot of hair.  So much, in fact, that Head & Soulders has not only featured him in commercials and taken out a $1,000,000 insurance policy on his locks, but Polamalu’s […]


The Man With The $1(M) Hair

The long, flowing black hair that tumbles out of Troy Polamalu’s helmet and down his back – it’s nearly three feet long – has been insured for $1 million bucks.


New Do.

Maria came in this morning with a brand new do.  Her husband said she looked like a “‘Scottsdale Cougar Mom.”    Is that a compliment?  What do YOU think of the new look?