Guinness Book of World Records


White Christmas in May?

YES! I am already excited for the holidays…seriously.  What you may not know is that on THIS day back in 1942, Bing Crosby recorded the Irving Berlin song “White Christmas”.  He recorded the song with the […]

94.5 KOOL FM–05/29/2013

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Skateboarding Goat Sets New Guinness World Record

I didn’t even know there was a world record category for skateboarding goats, but there is and ‘Happy’ is the new champ.  She recently traveled a distance of 118 feet to set a new Guinness […]


How Much Simpsons Can YOU Handle?

So, you LOVE The Simpsons.  OK.  Prove it!  How many episodes can you watch in a row?  Do you think you could break the world record?  We could be talking 500 shows back-to-back!  If you’re […]


Who Is The Highest Grossing Actor Of ALL-TIME?

That’s SUCH a tough question!  So may actors have been hugely successful.  Names like Robert DeNiro, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio come to mind.  However, NONE of those are correct.  I was floored […]