The Most Embarrassing Grandparents in the World Recorded an Original Blues Song for Their Grandson’s 18th Birthday

Grandparents never give good birthday gifts, but this is just straight up EMBARRASSING.  Some guy and his wife wrote an original blues song for their grandson’s 18th birthday.  Then they recorded it and posted it […]


Reminder: Grandparents Day is This Sunday

This Sunday, September 11th, is GRANDPARENTS DAY.  And . . . um . . . not a day where people will be commemorating anything else.  One quick interesting fact about grandparents in America today:  2.7 […]


Grandpa Jack!

Yes, finally, I am a grandpa! Ava Violet was born this morning around 10:30! Pictures???  Uhh, not yet.  Waiting for some better quality pics than the one I have.  But trust me, she’s gorgeous.  Once […]