Tom’s Google Guitar Concert Was Closed After The First Night

If you missed it, Google celebrated the life of Les Paul with a playable Google Guitar logo yesterday.  You were able to actually play and record songs.  Tom thought he was pretty hot stuff until […]


Google Pays Tribute To Les Paul On His 96th Birthday

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Les Paul[/lastfm] would have turned 96 years old today, and the best way you can honor anyone these days is by having Google design and devote their homepage (a “Google Doodle”) to you for […]


Bob Dylan’s Lasting ‘Subterranean’ Influence

When documentary filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker followed [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] around England during the young folk singer’s three week concert tour in 1965, it’s doubtful that the pair knew what an iconic film they would be […]


April Fools’ Day 2011: 10 Of The Most Hilarious Pranks

Most people love a decent joke, and so it follows that many are also fond of April Fools’ Day. You have to admit, there have been some impressive pranks pulled over the years. Check out […]


I Wish I Hadn’t Sent That Email

We’ve all had those those “oh no” moments after sending an ill-advised email. However, once you hit ’send’ it’s gone and there’s no getting it back – or is there?


Google Ain’t Just For Googlin’ Anymore!

Google Google is much more than a search engine, you can use it for lots of other things…even a calculator! 


If You Ride A Bicycle, This Is A Really Cool Site!

Bike Hey, bike riders… Google has a great new way to plan your trip.  CLICK HERE.