You Can Now Play Pac-Man Using Any Location

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, Google Maps has now allowed users to play Pac-Man using any location. This new feature allows whatever location you may be looking at turn in to the game […]

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Just In Time For Dinner…

After a report I saw last night, I felt a need to share this with you before you eat out this weekend.Did you know that only 5% of Americans wash their hands properly after using […]


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Breaking Up is Hard to Do… On Google

So getting dumped is bad enough, getting dumped and having it documented by Google is worse. Reddit user lpmark04 posted the picture with the quote “Google Streetview captures the glorious moment when my buddy kicks his […]


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12 Questions Google Assumes You Have About The Beatles

No matter how big of a Beatles fan you may be, there are still little bits of information about your favorite Liverpudlians you won’t know. That’s why Google is beautiful. This powerful tool will search […]


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Google Adds Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Google just became the master of The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by adding the popular game to its search function. Users can type “bacon number” and a celebrity’s name and be given the degrees […]



What’s That Google Doodle? It’s A Moog

To celebrate the birthday of Bob Moog, creator of the Moog synthesizer, Google has made it their doodle of the day. A Theremin salesman at 20 years old in 1954, Bob Moog eventually created the […]


Nearly Half of Us Use Our Work Computer to Look For a New Job

A survey by found that two thirds of Americans spend part of their workday looking at websites not related to work.  That’s actually DOWN 10% from four years ago.  Facebook and LinkedIn are the […]


Five Things “Cool” Offices Have . . . That Yours Doesn’t

If you hate your job, this probably won’t help. came up with a list of things you’ll find at a “COOL” office . . . like the offices of YouTube or Google . . […]


YEAR END: Fastest Rising Google Searches Of 2011

[sponsored] A bunch of stuff captured your interest and imagination in 2011 – and you probably Googled a bunch of these topics. Guess what. You weren’t alone. A lot of stuff got a lot of people […]


Google Released Its 2011 Year in Review Video

  [sponsored] Google has released its 2011 Year in Review video, and it’s definitely worth watching.  They took the most-searched-for topics, and did a montage of the most compelling pictures and videos from 2011.