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Father’s Day is just a couple days away. There are some pretty amazing pappas out there doing their job and the best way to show them how much we appreciate them is to not wait […]


Gift Card Warning

A lot of people give gift cards at Christmas and if you’re planning on buying any, there are things you need to check with the card for BEFORE you buy it.


What You Should Know About Today’s Gift Cards

More and more consumers are incorporating gift cards as a standard in their holiday shopping lists.  Three our of four shoppers will be buying gift cards this holiday season and 85% will spend $50 or […]


Win QuikTrip money at Brakemasters!

    Join the Fun and Games Department of KOOL 94.5 today at Brakemasters on Bethany Home Road and 18th Ave! We will be out there giving away tons of free stuff, registering people to […]