(Scott Brinegar/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Seriously, There’s No Ghost at Disneyland

The internet is freaking out right now over a recently “resurfaced” video that shows what appears to be a ghost walking around Disneyland.



Is KOOL Haunted!???

I believe in ghosts.  I’ve even had a few experiences in my life. Most recently, I believe my dad, who died 4 1/2  years ago is still around.  Sometimes , early in the morning, the […]

94.5 KOOL FM–10/17/2013

More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Ever Before

You’d think in this day and age we’d be MORE skeptical than ever.  But this is a direct contradiction to that.  According to a new nationwide survey by Rasmussen Reports, more Americans than EVER believe […]


Have YOU Seen A Ghost?

The world is getting more haunted!  Back in the 50’s, only 7% of people said they’d ever had an encounter with a ghost.  Today, 25% of the people say they have seen ghost. A professor […]


Ghostly Poll

A USA Today poll asked readers if they would share thier home with a ghost for free rent; 51% said YES they would; 27% said they would share thoer home with a ghost for a […]


Two Ghosts Captured In Vials Have Been Sold!

Ghosts In A Jar (Reuters Life!) – A New Zealand woman sold two vials that she said contained the ghosts of an old man and a young girl