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george martin

Why Do Beatles Fans Care So Much About Mono?Apple Records recently announced the September release of the Beatles' mono catalog reissued on vinyl. Welcome news for a relatively small, but passionate subsection of the Fab Four's fanbase. But, seriously, what's all the fuss about mono?
Not Fade Away: The Beatles' 'Please Please Me' LP Turns 50
"Produced By George Martin" Documentary Coming To DVD, Blu-RaySir George Martin, the legendary producer of nearly all of The Beatles’ recordings, is the subject of a documentary coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this fall. Appropriately titled "Produced By George Martin," the doc features Martin discussing his childhood, his war experience, music and more.
John Lennnon's Ballad From A Hard Day's Night
Video Classics: 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun'
How Songs Were Chosen For The Beatles First Album
Why does 'Strawberry Fields' sound so strange?
How Capitol Records blew it with A Hard Days Night

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