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Beatles Producer George Martin Is 88 Today

Happy Birthday Sir George!  It’s impossible to overstate his importance to The Beatles musical growth in the recording studio..  Earlier on today’s Fab 4 @ 4, I served up a couple of tracks that George […]


What took Capitol Records so long to release Beatle records in America

Fab 4 @ 4 Backstory – 7/8/10 This is a great story – and nobody tells it better than producer George Martin.


George Martin on ‘gut-reaction’ of the Lennon-McCartney team

KOOL Fab 4 @ 4  Backstory – 6/29/10 No one was closer to the evolution of The Beatles main songwriting team than their producer.  Great insight.


What was the original idea for the ‘Let It Be’ project?

KOOL Fab 4 @ 4 Backstory – 6/24/10 It didn’t turn out as planned.