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The Beatles U.S. Albums Track By Track: The Beatles Second Album

Today I continue with Part 2 of my 12 part series on The Beatles U.S. Albums set released earlier this week, comparing the new release with the original vinyl albums. Capitol Records second Beatles album […]

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Capitol Records

The Beatles U.S. Albums Track By Track: Meet The Beatles

Today begins a 12 part blog on The Beatles U.S. Albums set released earlier this week. There are 13 albums in the box, but since the documentary album ‘The Beatles Story’ is exactly the same […]

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Capitol Records - 1964

George Martin’s Fight To Get The Beatles Records Released In America

Did you ever wonder how the market here in the United States could be so flooded with product by The Beatles in 1964?  There was a full years worth of backlogged material recorded before Capitol […]


Capitol Records - 1967

John Lennon’s Biggest Challenge For Producer George Martin: Strawberry Fields Forever

With the digital technologies available today, any sound can be altered to make a perfect recording.  Even singers who can’t carry a tune in a bucket can have their voices processed to the point that […]


Capitol Records - 1965

George Martin Says The Rubber Soul Album Was A First For The Beatles

I always pay attention to what The Beatles producer George Martin says about the group.  As someone who was there from start to finish, he’s the most credible first person source for information and opinion, […]


Capitol Records - 1967

One Member Of The Beatles Actually Lived In Penny Lane

Penny Lane b/w Strawberry Fields Forever was one of The Beatles best double sided singles, but did you know one member of the group actually lived there?  And did you know a trumpet player from […]


Capitol Records - 1964

Lennon And McCartney Pen Individual Beatles Ballads

The single And I Love Her backed with If I Fell was released on this day in 1964.  Paul McCartney wrote And I Love Her and John Lennon penned an uncharacteristic ballad for the flip […]


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Why George Martin Said With The Beatles Was A Collection Of Rejected Singles

According to The Beatles producer George Martin, their second album With The Beatles was an collection of  rejected  singles.  I’d never thought of second tier songs by Lennon-McCartney, but obviously he had. Here’s what he […]


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George Martin’s Problem With The Beatles Most Covered Song

This Beatles song provided producer George Martin with one of his biggest challenges with the band.  There was only one member present during the recording session, but that wasn’t the problem.  The concern was what […]


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George Martin On How Lennon-McCartney Differed From Other Songwriting Duos

Producer George Martin was there for The Beatles recordings from 1962 and beyond the group’s breakup in 1970.  When Sir George gives an opinion or observation about The Beatles, I take it to heart.  I […]