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Lysa D.'s KOOL Kollective

Lysa D.’s KOOL Kollective – 6/6/12

Today’s KOOL Kollective video/song always cracks me up when we play it on KOOL FM, because I keep envisioning this lady, Sally, driving around in this Mustang just wasting gas! I know back then, gas […]


Gas prices on their way up

Want To Fill Your Tank For $2/Gallon?

The place where I fill my tank has kept regular unleaded at $3.99-9/10 for a week now.  I think they’re afraid to cross the $4 threshold!  Would there be a riot?  I doubt it.  But, […]


MUST HAVE Spring Break Apps

Who’s ready to party? It’s almost time for spring break 2012. Whether you plan to hit the beach in Mexico, surf for hot babes in California, catch a Spring Training game, head up north to […]


I Ran Out Of Gas….

  Tom’s daughter called him over the weekend because she needed a ride to work.  She had run out of gas in her car…ran out of gas at her apartment complex while driving to the […]


The $100 Club – Are YOU A Member?

Believe me…this is a club to which you DON’T want to belong.  With the national average gas price at $3.80/gallon, there are now FOUR cars that will cost more than $100 to fill up!  Do […]


“Running On Empty”

I filled up the car with gas yesterday for just under $60!  We’re getting dangerously close to $4 per gallon – and it hurts.  So much so, in fact, that AAA reports an 18% increase […]


Gas Prices Climb…But Wait!

Yes, it is true the current, national average for 1 galllon of unleaded regular is $ 3.79 per gallon and it appears that $ 4.00 is a possibility.  Within the last 24 hours in Phoenix, […]


You Can Win The Gas Wars!

Are you putting off refilling your gas tank?  I try to get every possible mile from every single ounce in my car…just so I don’t have to break the bank at the pump!  You’ll be happy to […]