Corina and Bily Play HeadsUp

If you haven’t tried this game you really should, we’re obsessed with it. It’s an App from Ellen called HeadsUp.  Here is some footage of Bily (our web guy) and I playing a couple of […]



Tom & Maria’s KOOL Quiz

The average American carries around about 50 of these with them every day. What are they? ANSWER: Contacts in their cell phone.

94.5 KOOL FM–01/30/2013


Tom & Maria’s KOOL Quiz

See if you know this one… The average American family will spend $47 on this in 2012 — about a buck less than last year. What do you think it is? And the answer is…. […]


Brunch at Berge Volkswagen  (2)

Beetles Brunch With KOOL FM At Berge Volkswagon

Thank all of you who came out to the Beetles Brunch today at Berge Volkswagon in Gilbert with KOOL FM and Steve Goddard. Here is a look at the action that KOOL bring to the table. […]



Nearly Impossible Quiz

  Ten million American families don’t have one of these — an increase of nearly a million since 2009. What are they? (Answer posted at 9:30)



Fun And Games At Albertson’s!

Join us at Albertson’s at 2785 N Scottsdale Rd from 1:30 – 3:30 pm. We’ll be giving out some amazing Kool prizes and playing some fun games! While you’re there you can check out the […]


This Will Tick You Off! A Rubik’s Cube Solved…Blindfolded

Solving a Rubik’s Cube seems like an incredibly big challenge — but not for Marcell Endry. He can solve it blindfolded in 28.80 seconds.


How Well Do You Know Your Reindeer & Christmas Tree?

[sponsored] Here’s a quiz to find out!  We call it “KOOL”, or “Not KOOL” which is basically, true or false.  Are you ready?  Here’s the quiz… #1.)  Reindeer are the only animals that can see […]


A KOOL Christmas Quiz!

[sponsored] If you like the holidays, take the quiz and see how you do! 1. What is the longest-running Christmas special on U.S. network television: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, or How […]


Want to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors? Here’s How

Rock-paper-scissors SEEMS to be a completely random game . . . but an expert claims you can use strategies to help you win.  Graham Walker is a rock-paper-scissors veteran, and organized the last five World […]