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And Now . . . Two Minutes of Animals Jumping on Trampolines

You know you want to see this!  I’ve seen it, and I know that you need to see this!

94.5 KOOL FM–08/23/2013

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What A Passtine: Watching People Wipeout

I’m happy to say to my knowledge, there is no video floating around of me slipping, falling, wiping out, or being caught in an embarassing situation.  That said, if you like to see people wipeout […]


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Disappearing Girl In The Park Prank

This video’s funny without being mean or dirty,  what a concept!  Watch what happens when a young girl asks a stranger to hold her dog while she “uses a porta john” –  that really isn’t […]


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The Biggest Meltdown In Wheel Of Fortune History [Steve Goddard]

I don’t know how this video can be topped for total collapse of a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune.  On a show that aired earlier this week, a Reed Collage student had a simple word […]


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Angry Sheep Marks Territory – Rams Unsuspecting Fisherman

There’s nothing like throwing a line into the water and pulling out supper.  At least that’s the way I used to see fishing when I was a kid.  Another was the time it allowed me […]


12  03-26  easy math problem

Woman Fails To Solve World’s Easiest Math Question

  I can only believe this video caused some major problems  with her husband, who posted it for the world to see.  Funny stuff, but if it were your wife (or husband) how would you […]


12  01-23  violinist interrupted by cel phone

Interrupted By A Cel Phone – See What Happened Next

It is the most infuriating addition to any performance for an artist and the audience.  During a solo recital by Slovakian violist Lukas Kmit  at a Jewish orthodox synagogue in his native country, his performance […]


Kid’s Reaction To The Reveal In The Empire Strikes Back Is Priceless

These two kids are watching The Empire Strikes Back for the very first time.  The above video still was captured just before they heard the line “Luke, I am your father.”  


A Big Hazard Of Having A Friend Work On Your Computer

If I had been the guy in the picture above, what happened would have scared me to death.  I do have a friend that helps me with major computer problems, but luckily I’ve never run […]


Canadian Car Caught In Sewer Geyser

Careful where you park your car in Ottawa.  They’ve had so much rain there, the sewer systems have backed up, and in some extreme cases, blasted  through to the surface.