funny video

It’s All Fun And Games ‘Till Someone Hisses!

If you need to smile right about now, this should do it!


Stupid Criminal Video Montage

Know why stupid criminal videos are so popular?  Because they’re full of really stupid people.  Witness what happened when these hapless boneheads try to pull off a perfect crime.


13 Rope Skipping Dogs Break World’s Record

Here’s the best animal video of the week and it’s only Monday!  Thirteen dogs of various breeds and sizes attempting to break the world’s record for jumping rope is quite a visual. 


What Russians do with their old computer keyboards

You can’t tell until you see the entire video.  And how do you translate “dunderhead” into Russian?


This is the craziest video you’ll see this week

Real or fake…take a look and let me know what you think.