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Marines Watching ‘Frozen’ – Singing ‘Let It Go’

Think about that for just a moment. A group of some of the toughest men on the planet watching the biggest animated film of all time. And when it came to the part in the […]

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Honest University Commercial

Wanna Go Back To School?

LOL! Funny and so true sometimes! I have two girls getting ready for school like this in a few years. You bet they are going to apply for every single scholarship that exists!

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Dog Eating Food Like a Human in Red Hoodie, So Funny! Fudge (Original) - YouTube

OMG Funny! On Wisconsin!

When it’s cold outside and the snow is up over top the house and there is time to sit around and think of things to do, this is what we come up with! I grew […]

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Cell Phone Crashing Video

So by now you have heard that they are thinking about letting people talk on their phones on airplanes. Big debate. Hey, I still cannot get over the people walking around with the “earpieces” for […]

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bat dad

Bat Dad Made Me Pee

I came across this video of “Bat Dad”. How funny are the reactions in this video from his wife and kids? When he yelled “Wake UP!” to his kid, I laughed so hard, I think a […]

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Over A Half Million Views I Just One Day – Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

If this video is any indication , 2013 is going to be a banner year for funny videos.  Imagine a car pulling up to a drive thru window with no driver. Check out these reactions […]

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Check Out a Montage of the Best Cat Videos from YouTube

  You’ve probably seen a few funny cat videos on YouTube before, but here’s a montage with a ton of them.



We’re Going To Have To Change The Name Of The Song “Bah Bah Black Sheep!”

Some animals make cute noises. Some make hilarious noises. Here is a sheep that screams — try not to laugh!


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Sleepwalking Mom – And Later Reaction When Son Shows Her The Video

If you only check out one video this week, this is the one – actually there are two. Yesterday Nick Fotti posted a video of his mom sleepwalking in the kitchen.  A side effect of […]


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Man Vs. Goose…Now With Lightsabers!

You may recall that hilarious video of a man being randomly attacked by a wild goose. Now, there’s a new and improved version of that video which has been made a bit more exciting with […]