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Not The Dog Of The Week – But One You Need To See

This obviously isn’t my puppy.  We have a Carin Terrier named Bella, and she’s smart as she can be and we love her a lot.  But she’s not as patient and understanding as the dog […]


(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Confused Dog On Trampoline

Generally, I try to post blogs here at that have some form of significance…or a “meaning” in life.  But, I can see exactly how many people click on specific blogs.  And, history has proven […]


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Not The Smartest Dog In The World

Tom and Maria’s dogs of the week are always cute, and according to his owner, staffy dog Max is the most lovable animal  in the world – but he lacks some basic intelligence.  If he […]


Jenga Dog Balancing Treats

This golden retriever doesn’t look too happy doing this amazing balancing act. Why is it so fascinating? With over 600,000 views (and climbing) we’re obviously not alone. And just in case you’re worries, the dog […]


Funniest Animal Video Of The Year – This Dog Is Guilty

If you think you’ve seen the funniest dog video of the year, think again – unless you’ve seen this one already.


A dog with human arms?

One KOOL video – gotta love this golden retriever  and its owner.  Wait till  ya see this…