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Baby Elephant Vs A Cat

It like David and Goliath on the animal world, only lots cuter. With almost a million and a half views in less than 48 hours, this video is proof we love our animals. Especially when […]

94.5 KOOL FM–07/28/2014

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Motivational Coach Is……. A Cat

There are a lot of things that motivate a person’s workout.  A self set goal, a bet, even a coach, but have you ever seen a cat motivate anyone to “keep going – don’t stop”.  […]


Duck Fetches Like A Dog For Its Owner

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the video.  Now I’m wondering how  the owner taught her pet duck to fetch like a dog.  Any ideas?  This lady had a LOT of free […]


12  03-29  cat gives dog massage

Cat Gives Dog A Massage – For Real

  I wondered about this at first, then thought; how are you going to fake this?  Looks legit tome.  And the sound of the dog snoring is a nice touch – whether it’s real or […]


A Real Life Air Bud Shooting Hoops On The Court

Petey is a dog that previously has limited his sports to vollyball, but now he’s expanded his interest and abilities to shooting some basketball hoops.  It’s not exactly Air Bud,  but it’s close.  Petey has […]


Determined Dog Waits For “Stranger” To Throw Stick

It’s like ‘Hatchi” – only funny not sad.  You want the saddest movie you’ll ever see, rent “Hatchi” this weekend.  It makes Old Yeller look like a light comedy.  You want funny, watch this video. 


Dusty The Klepto Kitty

Like cats or not, this is funny stuff.


Animals gone amuck

You never know what they’re gonna do……especially these…